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ST. LOUIS – Murphy Data Center Services (DCS) was highlighted along with a few other HVAC contractors in Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration (ACHR) News’ August 13th issue.  The topic of conversation was regular maintenance checks and its correlation to reduced downtime.  DCS’s very own, Mike Balles, account manager, was quoted throughout the article, sharing industry insights and best practices, the financial implications of downtime, and DCS’s 24/7/365 service model.

With the growing development of Murphy’s mission critical-centric group, this article tells current and future clients the capabilities and wealth of knowledge within the DCS group. Quoting Mike directly from this article, “Most of our data center clients have preventative maintenance contracts in place, where we schedule maintenance activities in advance of dispatching a tech to the site. Our technicians are trained and certified on multiple types of data center HVAC and power systems in order to have the highest working knowledge of the equipment they are likely to encounter while on site. The emergency dispatch technicians are the same individuals that are performing the preventative maintenance services, so in most cases, they are already familiar with the site, and the site personnel are familiar with our technicians. That is an important aspect of our services and one we work hard to maintain.”

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