A company’s data center is the lifeblood of its operations. Murphy Company DCS recognizes that the information stored and continuously passing through the data center represents our clients’ most valuable commodity.

Our security systems help protect the data from intrusion or theft. Murphy Company DCS incorporates proven and reliable structural components into our clients’ data centers. The benefits of our designs and the reliability of our security and fire protection systems depend on quick human responses.

Here are 3 questions our clients have about protecting the security of their data center:

1. Do I need the latest security equipment, like retina scanners and fingerprint readers?
2. Within a high-traffic colocation environment, what is the best way to protect my clients from one another?
3. What is the right amount of data to retain on our system?

o Alarm
o Biometrics
o Card access
o Entry control
o Glass break
o Monitoring
o Motion detection