Certified Energy Managers by Murphy Company

At Murphy Company, we employ Certified Energy Managers (CEM) who provide energy management and energy reduction analysis for our client’s facilities.

These services help our clients continue to reduce their cost of operation and improve their building’s comfort through directed upgrades.  Our CEMs are dedicated to reducing your building’s energy use and are consistently working to find and create energy saving opportunities to enhance your bottom line.

What Does a CEM Mean for Your Business?

The Certified Energy Managers employed by Murphy Company will enhance the energy performance of your facility or building. Our CEMs can implement energy solutions for electrical, mechanical, process and building envelope infrastructure. They create optimum solutions to reduce energy usage in a cost-effective way and are our leaders in developing and implementing energy management strategies for any of our customer’s organizations.



What Our CEMs Can Do For You

  • Benchmark your current energy usage based on previous electric, water and gas rates against industry standards.
  • Determine annual energy savings of recommended improvements and cost to upgrade.
  • Work with you and your team to make decisions to optimize building performance between the structure, envelope and mechanical systems.
  • Analyze the new equipment and estimate rebates offered by local utilities to offset construction costs.

Our team understands that energy expenses are one of the largest variable expenses in building ownership. We provide our clients our expertise in energy reduction opportunities through our Certified Energy Managers. Improving energy performance offers many long-term advantages including reduced on-going costs and improved asset value. By calling upon our energy solutions team, which is made up of energy engineers, auditors and project managers, we can begin our process for reducing your energy usage and costs while improving your building asset.

Don’t wait any longer to implement the best energy saving strategy for your business! Contact us today to get started and learn more about ways to reduce your energy costs online!