Services for Your Air Handling Unit

The air handling unit services provided by Murphy Company treat the air by filtering, heating and/or cooling, dehumidifying and/or humidifying.

An Air Handling Unit (AHU) is an air conditioning piece of equipment that handles the air that is supplied into facilities by the ventilation ductwork. This means that the air will be passed into the building through thermo-hygrometric and indoor air quality treatment.

By improving the air quality through outside air and filtering, we have the ability to provide energy efficient installation, maintenance and repairs to your air handling unit. Our solutions give business owners a way to minimize their customer disruptions while improving the efficiency of their facility.

Air Handling Unit Solutions

  • Equipment Upgrades – The air handler system upgrades that we provide to air handling units are customized to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your system. This will provide higher productivity and leave your employees feeling more comfortable in their work place.
  • Improve Efficiency – Improving the efficiency of your unit can have a positive impact on your business by reducing your monthly energy and operating cost.


  • Reduce Maintenance Cost – When you are having regularly scheduled maintenance performed on your air handling unit; you are assisting in the prevention of any repair or large maintenance project being necessary. This allows your business the opportunity to budget for the scheduled maintenance cost rather than have a major unexpected repair expense.
  • Design/Build Approach – Our design build approach to air handling units provide a single point of accountability and encourages a true team atmosphere. With simplified lines of communication, the result is an accelerated project delivery with value-driven cost savings and improved quality.

No matter if your business needs an AHU replacement, belt replacement or an AHU refurbishment, the Murphy Company team is here for you. We will utilize our years of experience and system knowledge to create the best air handling unit solution for your company. Contact us today to get started on your new AHU system!