Turn Key Experience

Our team of experts will be by your side during the entire data center design build project to ensure that your needs are met. Additionally, we will work with your organization to help you understand the data center business and its day-to-day operations. We will ensure that your leadership team and employees are well prepared to operate your brand new facility on day one.

With a combined 100 years of experience – our battle-tested team of data center construction experts are here to make sure your data center is built and maintained to the very latest specifications and best practices.


Q: Why should I invest in building a Datacenter?

A: Entering the data center market is the perfect diversification strategy for telecommunications organizations. Data center services aren’t as regulated as telecommunication services and provide a natural extension to the services that these organizations currently provide to their customers. This allows your company to provide bundled data center services and offer a more robust enterprise solution to your customers. Data centers are also extremely profitable – with one of the highest EBITDA margins in the infrastructure sector – approximately 40%. Additional profit can be generating by utilizing cost-saving measures when constructing your data center.

Q: What are the pros/cons of building a Datacenter?

A: Your organization will realize many benefits by constructing its own data center. By owning your own facility – your organization will be capable of storing its critical infrastructure in a facility built to your specifications. Additionally, you may leverage the facility to generate new income and expand your organization’s reach in your market. Many organizations assume that this growth potential is limited strictly to selling data center services to other organizations – however, Murphy Company DCS can help you realize the facilities full potential by creating a partner program that would allow your organization to partner with smaller IT shops in your area. This would allow these smaller companies to experience growth (by offering new services), and creates an easy way for your organization to increase occupancy in your new data center. One of the cons to building a data center is the large upfront expense. However, by partnering with Murphy Company DCS you are taking measures to ensure that this initial expense is as small as possible without sacrificing build quality.

Q: What kind of upfront cost can I expect?

A: Building a data center is not a cookie cutter operation. Each organization will have a unique set of requirements and specifications. Normally, the expense associated with building a data center depends entirely on how large you want the data center to be in terms of physical size and available power and redundancy. Due to this being the case we are only able to give estimate costs after speaking to an organization directly and determining what their needs are.

Q: What can I expect once the process gets started - what are the steps to a fully constructed data center?

A: Our process begins with understanding what your business objectives are and how a data center can help you achieve your goals. We begin by developing a Data Center Program to define what size and type of data center will work best for your organization.

We then use the approved program to begin planning your data center. During the planning phase we will discuss how we will apply redundancy within the data center and throughout the facility infrastructure. What sort of electrical distribution topology is best suited for your facility and the cost ramifications of each choice? What sort of cooling systems will work best for the local climate in which your data center will be built. These are just a few of the questions that we ask to shape the design of your facility.

Once the planning effort is complete and approved by all we then begin the process of creating the final design for your site. We begin with a schematic design for the building, electrical, mechanical, fire and monitoring systems to insure that all the components interact and function within the parameters of the program. During the next phase of design development we refine the drawings and specifications to reflect what will actually be built. It is during this phase that the budget and schedule for the project begin to undergo refinement.

Once the design development is completed we then enter the Construction Document phase where all of the disciplines commit the design to final drawings and specifications for construction. During this phase we begin the equipment procurement process, so that long lead items can be ordered and ready for installation. We finalize the budget during this phase and completely schedule the construction project with our team members. The last process of this phase is the submittal of the Construction Documents to the Authorities Having Jurisdiction for the necessary building permits.

Throughout the construction process we have a committed team of on-site and office based professionals monitoring and updating all aspects of the project. At Murphy Company DCS, we utilize one of the industry’s leading Construction Project Management applications called ProCore. With Procore we track Request for Information (RFI), Bidding, Change Orders, Submittals, Daily and weekly progress reports, schedule and most importantly the budget. All of this data is available to you as a valued member of the project team.

The last step of the project is the functional testing of the facility, the training on the operation of the facility infrastructure and of course the first day of occupancy. Murphy Company DCS will guide you through each of those processes and can help with the implementation of the IT equipment and processes within the data center if required. We provide a unique perspective for a design build team in that we are also operators of data centers and can help you leverage our experience on the operation level with your site.

Q: How long does construction normally take? What factors can influence that timeline?

A: There are a number of factors that can influence the design and construction timeline.

  • Is this a renovation of an existing site?
  • Are we adaptively retrofitting an existing structure into a data center?
  • Is this entirely new construction? Is there a site already selected or is there a site selection process required? What are the planning and zoning requirements for the site?
  • Is there available power and network connectivity?
  • What are the redundancy and availability requirements for the facility?

These are just some of the questions that have to be answered to determine the timeline for a data center construction project. Typically a ground up build on an ideal site is a 12 to 18 month process. Renovations or retrofitting and existing site can shorten the timeframe in some cases.

Q: Is the construction work warrantied?

A: Yes, all construction is warranted for a least a year for defect in material and workmanship. Additionally, all of the major infrastructure equipment such as Generators, UPS, Chillers, and Air Handlers typically have three to five year warranties and most offer extended warranties beyond their normal warranty periods.

Q: Where can I hire qualified employees to run my new datacenter?

A: Murphy Company DCS can help you establish the proper job descriptions for the types of positions required to run a data center from a facility or IT perspective. You may have individuals in your organization that can be moved to data center roles such as NOC technicians and customer support staff or facility operations. You will want to recruit sales individuals (through your preferred method) who know your market place so that selling to new and existing customers will not be a learning experience.

Q: What kind of support do you offer once the data center is complete?

A: Once the data center is complete, Murphy Company DCS’s role can vary based upon your needs. We can provide directions in operational issues with regards to the facility infrastructure, we can help you setup preventative maintenance schedules and contracts, and we can continue to serve as an Owners representative with the installed equipment venders.

Q: What should I expect once my data center is operational?

A: Your data center houses your organizations’ most sensitive and critical information. Your mission critical equipment plays an essential role in the achievement and growth of your business and proper maintenance of the infrastructure equipment is vital to your business operations. As part of your team, Murphy-DCS will develop a comprehensive maintenance program to ensure required regular maintenance is performed on a timely basis. Working with IT teams and facility managers we anticipate and troubleshoot areas of special concern. By performing monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual required maintenance and monitoring of all aspects of your systems, we can provide peace of mind that your data center is operating at peak efficiency and under ideal conditions at all times. Murphy Company’s Data Center Services Division is distinctively qualified to provide you with the assurance that the equipment and systems that support your data center are properly maintained.