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DENVER – This November, we celebrated the decade-spanning careers of senior project manager, Al Larson, and senior estimator, Bruce Lamoreaux. Both men had a combined 47 years of service with Murphy Company and have left a mark on this company that will stay with us for decades.

Al Larson

Al, our senior project manager and in-house comedian retired after 23 years at Murphy.  When he wasn’t on a job site or scanning through drawings in the office, he was cleverly thinking of his next practical joke. He also has this infectious laugh that we will never forget. Senior Vice President, Bob Mathisen said, “Al has been an inspiration and a role model for many of our younger employees.  Thank you for all of the Murphy team members you have helped mentor over the years, and your great success and long list of happy customers you have helped create for Murphy.  Al, you leave a remarkable legacy that will remain with us for years to come.  So on behalf of Murphy Company, I wish you and Diana all the best in retirement.”

Bruce Lamoreaux

Bruce has touched so many operating units in his 24 years at Murphy. He is the man that could do anything from pipefitting, to estimating, to training, to golfing.  He was seen as Bruce Wayne or Batman to some.  He has been a mentor to many and has taught many the tricks of the trade.  He will forever be known for his impressive wit and his production of “BrucePen.” Vice President of Operations, Bradley Vogt commented, “Bruce Lamoreaux is a true ‘Renaissance Man’ – A jack of all trades AND a master of them – Eternally young and a ‘lifetime learner!’  In addition to his mad skills and talents, his encouraging attitude and infectious personality has a profound impact on me.  It was an honor and privilege to work with Bruce.”